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Burke Design makes the building process easier and faster

Every architect wants to know three things and I’m sure you’re no different:

  • Can my design be built?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

Having this information readily is the mark of a true professional.

My name is Dave Burke and I am the founder of Burke Steel Buildings, The only Varco Pruden Pre-Engineered Steel Building dealer based here in Santa Barbara. We’ve worked with a number of fine local architects. In fact, I became a licensed architect myself to help me fathom the creative and logical process. After almost 40 years in this business, I know that I’m really good at helping architects answer these three important questions.

So that’s why I’m really excited to tell you about our free evaluation service. Show us your plans and we can tell you:

  • Whether your design can be built.
  • How much it will cost.
  • And how long it will take.

My written evaluation will share issues that deserve attention. And there is absolutely no obligation to use my firm. The evaluation is yours to keep.

To start your free evaluation, all I need you to do is to fill out the form to the right and on confirmation you will receive an upload link where you can upload a scan of your drawings. Any format should work.

If you would rather meet in person, call me at 805-964-8800 and we’ll schedule a meeting at my office or yours.

Either way, let me demonstrate what I can do for you.

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