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Introducing the Commercial Design + Build Process

Even though there are not many companies out there similar to Burke Design, the design-build method itself is not a new or radical idea. It simply means that your entire commercial project is completed, including the design and building processes, by the same team. We believe that those who created the design plan are best suited to follow those plans and bring the design into reality. At Burke Design, the same people who listen to your initial goals and visions for the property are the very same who create the designs and complete the constructions with your needs in mind.

How the Design/Build Method Applies to Santa Barbara Commercial Construction

Design/build is an especially wonderful choice for commercial planning and construction. When completing a commercial project, you likely have very specific goals for the building, a strict schedule to stick to, and a budget with very little leeway. You can benefit from Burke Design’s design/build strategies in many different ways:

The End Product You Envisioned – We will work closely with you to understand exactly what you need and want from your commercial project, and incorporate those elements into the design and build process. When you have different architects and contractors working on your project, you will often find that they will be working toward conflicting goals, which will lead to mistakes. With Burke Design, you do not have to worry about this problem because your architect is your builder.

Save Time and Money – The more independent workforces you have involved with your project, the more opportunities you create for miscommunications, mistakes, and delays. It can be a fulltime job just to coordinate schedules and arrange for repairs. If you are building a new commercial property, you most likely have more important matters to tend to besides ensuring that there are no complications in the build process. As Burke Design would be your only provider of all of your commercial build services, you significantly lower the risk of mistakes because everyone is working within one unified unit.

Our Commercial Design/Build Services Include:

  • Predesign Consultations – Our first step is to consult with the client in order to fully comprehend the scope of the project.
  • Predesign budget agreement – Once the client has approved our design, a contract for architectural services will be created, along with a preliminary construction budget.
  • Design Development – Our in-house architects will create a design that incorporates the latest techniques, your needs, as well as safety compliance issues.
  • Building Code and Zoning Research – We understand that our clients need to get their properties open and functioning as soon as possible. We work diligently to ensure that the commercial properties meet all requirements including parking, landscaping, traffic flow, height limits, as well as many other zoning and building code qualifications. We will also connect with all applicable governing agencies and utility companies to ensure that your property will be operational on schedule.
  • Permits and Entitlements Processing – Burke Design will provide the representation you need when obtaining any necessary permits for your property, even if this includes meeting and negotiating with Planning & Zoning staff.
  • Construction Documentation – Our clients are always provided with detailed construction plans that include all finalized specifications for the project.
  • Final Contracts and Budgets – Once the design has been completed, and a construction budget has been approved, it is time to finalize your contract or make alterations to the design in order to better adapt to your budget.
  • Project Management – Once construction is ready to begin, we provide all of the managing and general contracting services needed during this phase. Our management services include:
    • Supervising staff
    • Scheduling
    • Budgeting
    • Generating progress and budgeting reports
    • Subcontracting if necessary
    • Creating maintenance manuals
    • Job documentation


    Further information regarding the design/build process:

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