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Across the nation, and especially in Santa Barbara, new energy efficient construction techniques help lower the monthly energy bill while benefitting the environment.

Choosing the best building materials and ecofriendly construction techniques will depend on prevailing local factors like temperature, humidity, and the amount of sunlight. The green builders at Burke Design and Build can determine which materials and techniques will best suit your home’s location and surroundings.

Green home construction in Santa Barbara is more than a trend. Call Dave Burke at (805) 964-8800 to learn how you can reduce pollution, increase energy efficiency and enjoy a cleaner, safer and more comfortable indoor environment.

Constructing Homes Using Recycled Building Materials in Santa Barbara

At Burke Design and Build, we do not believe in flooding landfills with construction materials that can easily be recycled. We make use of these valuable resources by incorporating them into Santa Barbara green home construction wherever possible.
There are many high quality, recyclable construction materials, including:

One of the most common recycled building materials used in Santa Barbara green building techniques is metal. Many types of metal, including aluminum and steel, can easily be reused. Recycling and reusing aluminum can reduce the pollution of aluminum production by as much as 85%.
The green construction of homes has become increasingly ecofriendly through the salvaging and reuse of quality heavy timber.
Recycled plastics are rarely used in green building methods because the process of recycling plastic is expensive and time-consuming. Green building specialists are working to improve plastic recycling processes so that these materials can be reused more efficiently in the future.
Glass is not often used in recycled construction materials, as the process of recycling the glass offers very few energy savings and minimal pollution reduction.
For Santa Barbara green building, ceramic, clay, concrete and other masonry materials can be efficiently repurposed. The recycled materials are often used as granule filler for outdoor walkways, driveways and roads.
Many building materials are certainly salvageable for building. Burke Design and Build green builders can help you identify materials including metal, glass, timber, cabinets, doors and other products that can be incorporated into your Santa Barbara ecofriendly construction project.
Having your recycled construction materials shipped from long distances defeats the purpose, as the transportation of the products will have high environmental and energy costs. Burke Design and Build can assist you in the search for local recycled building materials.
Renewable sources are those that can be naturally replaced within a few decades or even sooner. Examples of these materials include sunlight, wool, plant materials and many different wood products.
When choosing any home building methods or materials, it is essential to consider the long-term costs. Less expensive materials may need to be repaired or replaced frequently. Burke Design and Build focuses on providing green construction methods and products in Santa Barbara that will lead to increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.